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laura brzyski

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editor + writer 

writing samples

"12 Kettlebell Exercises to Include in Your Workout Routine ASAP," Be Well Philly, May 2022.

"My So-Called Semi-Sober Life," Philadelphia magazine, April 2022.

"I Got My Aura Photographed and Left Feeling So Much More Self-Aware," Be Well Philly, March 2022.

"How Philly Finally Embraced the Bidet. No Bullshit!" Be Well Philly, March 2022.

"Inner Strength," Philadelphia magazine, December 2021.


"Philly Gyms Won't Go Down Without a Fight," Philadelphia magazine, September 2021.

"Laughter, the Best Medicine," Montgomery Magazine, December 2020.

"Our Plates, Evolved," Philadelphia magazine, December 2020.

"Is All This Screen Time Damaging Your Skin?" Be Well Philly, June 2020.

"I Learned How to Tie-Dye Clothes Using Avocados," Be Well PhillyMarch 2020.

creative writing

"Concealing Home," Philadelphia Stories, Spring 2022.

"She Makes a Mess," 433, March 2021.

"The Faces of Forgetting," Pithead Chapel, Volume 9, Issue 10, October 2020.

"Leftovers," Gigantic Sequins, Issue 11, Summer 2020.

"Eating Memories By Way of Plum Cake," Entropy, February 2019.

Selections from Island Poetry series, CEA Critic, March 2018.

"19149," Vagabond City, August 2016.

"When I Should Have Left You,"The Stonecoast Review, Fall 2015.

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