About Me

Hey there, I'm Laura Brzyski (brisk-ee): a Philly-based writer, fitness enthusiast, and dog lover. Currently, I contribute to NextHealth, Philadelphia magazine's healthcare and biotechnology vertical; manage and edit Philly in Motion, a blog about Philadelphia's ever-evolving health and fitness scenes; and serve as a private tutor for middle and high schoolers. Previously, I was the digital contributor of Be Well Philly, Philadelphia magazine's wellness vertical, and a high school English teacher. With two Master's degrees in Creative Writing and English Literature and nearly 10 years of teaching experience, I am strongly skilled in content writing, storytelling, editing, facilitating team success, and managing multiple projects at once.


I believe the most successful teams are made up of individuals who exude the four Cs: creativity, curiosity, charisma, and collaboration. In my eyes, these traits rely on an active commitment to and practice of social justice, coalition building, and empathetic dialogue. In all my professional and personal circles, I strive to be enthusiastic, dependable, and solution-finding, welcoming open conversations about team growth and celebrating wins over champagne.

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