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Girls With Goals

One of the intentions I set for 2019 (outlined in my "19 for 2019") was to attend more Philly-based networking events. Without delay, I dove in and bought my ticket for the inaugural SHExSHINES event: a vision board workshop!

Before registering, I had heard about the concept of a vision board, but I had never made one. When it comes to my goals, I tend to write them down (if you couldn't already tell!). But the notion of creating a collage-like visual representation of my goals/dreams/intentions appealed to me. Maybe, I thought, doing something out of my ordinary will help me fully commit and actually achieve what I want. Plus, SHExSHINES itself was created by women for women. Cofounders Alex Wynter and Anna Laura Sommer sought a space for female-identifying individuals to collaborate, connect, and form a community. As someone wanting stronger and healthier self-discipline and dedication to my goals AND more "girl time" in my life, registering and attending the vision board event was a no-brainer! Later, when I asked Alex why she and Anna Laura decided on a vision board workshop as the first SHExSHINES event, she said, "With the new year starting, I think it was the perfect time to incorporate vision boards. Plus, we had a feeling that women surrounding each other would encourage, motivate, and inspire...that together, the [attendees] could really set some fierce goals together."

She couldn't have been more right! The event, which began at 11AM and lasted until 2PM, radiated positivity, encouragement, charisma, and creativity. We [the attendees] spent the first hour "mingling," which really transformed into making connections, saying "OMG it's so good to finally meet you in real life!", following each others' Instagram accounts--all the while sipping mimosas poured by Old City's own Pinot Boutique and snacking on açaí bowls from Frutta Bowls. It was also the perfect time to put bids in for the auction (filled with all the best lifestyle and glam opportunities!) and to snag a photo in front of the super fabulous backdrop (especially with the cupcakes made by homemade baker and attendee Adina).

At noon, we all sat down to create our vision boards. Alex and Anna Laura provided all the materials needed to craft a beautiful board: tons of magazines, scissors, glue, paper, and even a frame! This was totally helpful for me, who didn't have a *clue* what to put on her board. I wanted to create it organically--whatever came to mind in that very moment. (Plus, let's be real: I don't own a printer). When I sat down and saw a wedding magazine, I knew I was going to make a wedding-inspo board. I mean, what better way to envision my dream wedding than by creating a collage of all things wedding?!

Many other attendees, like my friend Katie, conceptualized their boards in advance, and brought their own pictures to enhance their board's aesthetic. For about an hour and a half, I worked on my board alongside my gal pals Katie, Dy, and Elisha. We talked, laughed, shared cut-outs, and simply had fun.

From left: Katie, Elisha, Dy, and I creating our vision boards

We all ended up creating different themed vision boards--mine, wedding; Katie's, print design; Dy's, health/wellness; and Elisha's, travel. As I looked around the workshop room, it was great seeing so many attendees hold up and show off their finished products. This, to me, was the best part of the event. Seeing each attendee hold up her vision board with a smile mixed with excitement, pride, and confidence caused others to clap in support! These were awesome moments. At the end, all of us walked away with a swag bag full of gifts and goodies from Philly-based fashion, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle boutiques (I'm especially excited to try my *free* class at Bar Method, one of the newest barre studios in Rittenhouse). More than that, though, we all walked away feeling supported, inspired, and eager to achieve our future visions!

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Cheers to the first SHExSHINES event!

The finished product: my wedding-themed vision board!

Special thanks to Alex Wynter (left) & Anna Laura Sommer (right) for hosting an amazing event and co-founding a much-needed community!

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